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From Death To Blessing
Mar. 16, 2022
Laurie Agius
Non-fiction: Biography
This book is my real-life story, talking about my battle with depression, suicide and homosexuality for twenty-four years as well as my struggle with alcohol for fourteen years, and my victory over all these problems through making Jesus Christ Lord and Saviour of my life, who has given me so much peace and joy than I can ever imagine.

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About the Author

Laurie Agius lives west of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. At the age of thirteen, he was bullied and also physically and emotionally abused at school. This led to his battle with depression and suicidal thoughts. Later on, he struggled with homosexuality. These major problems in his life caused him to fail the Higher School Certificate. His father convinced him to work under his brother’s name for twelve years. During this time, he continued to struggle with depression, thoughts of suicide, and homosexual desires. He was very insecure. He also got hooked on alcohol as a way to try to block the pain. He then began singing lessons and acting workshops. He became a born-again Christian in early 1991, and he later joined Hillsong Church. Before he joined Hillsong Church, he was diagnosed with insulin-dependent diabetes. He also still struggled with depression, suicide, and homosexuality. He finally told a church counsellor about the battle he was having with homosexuality. She told him about a support group called Living Waters. Finally, all these problems were out in the open. These problems finally left him when he got a job under his real name working with people with disabilities. He felt freedom and peace for the first time in his life. He joined the Hillsong choir and recorded seven albums with them. During this time, he started to write lyrics for songs. He has now written lyrics for 264 songs. He also began piano lessons because of a God-inspired vision given to him by his choir conductor. He has performed in eleven piano concerts; in two of these, he sang and played the piano at the same time. A desire to serve the homeless led him to join a group called Full Gospel Businessmen’s Fellowship International. There he met the collaborator who put music to fourteen of his songs. One day, he believes he will record all of these songs. Currently he fills his time doing volunteer work, piano lessons and promoting his book From Death To Blessing on social media, and has recently joined C3 SYD Parramatta. He has gone back to the church where he became a born-again Christian. In those days the church was called Christian City Church. He believes and has not given up on the dreams and visions God has given him.
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