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21st Century Proverbs of William Craig 2nd Edition 21st Century Proverbs Revised
Mar. 14, 2022
William Craig
Non-fiction: General/Other
“Patience gives love the ability to grow without limits.” LOVE: Letting ourselves value everyone. MOTHER: Maker of the home everyone’s resource. “As a mother responds to the cry of her child so love responds to need with a smile”. “He saw it was bigger and he was all alone, but the ant still said, I can drag it home.”
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William Craig is a gifted creative writer, and inspirational poet. He was shot in the head, the victim of a drive-by shooting. William now requires the use of a wheelchair for mobility; however, he has not allowed this traumatic injury to stop him from reaching his purposeful destination. Overcoming challenges of being limited, he has defied the doctors and his critics by learning other languages and having a beautiful daughter.
He gives all credit for his miraculous recovery to his Lord and Savior, who obviously thought 11 minutes of death, was a sufficient amount of time before returning William back to his Earth Suit to complete his assignment. Currently, William Craig, encourages others, to not fall prey to the stigma of what they can't do, but rise to the call of their ability.
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