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Aussie Yarns (For Films)
Mar. 14, 2022
John McAulay
Fiction: General/Other
Primarily these yarns were written with an Australian readership in mind, most of whom would understand and appreciate the slang words and phrases used, particularly by unsophisticated bushies. However, I imagine some of the terms may leave non-Australians a bit perplexed. Stick with it, and by the time you've read Witness for the Defence, you will have probably worked out what a "sheila' is, along with all the other words and expressions that are uniquely Australian country in origin.

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Aussie-Yarns-John-McAulay/dp/195651550X/ref=monarch_sidesheet

I hope you enjoy the adventures of the 110 characters who play some role in these yarns. As an author, I feel I know these people--- how they look, how they speak, how they would react to different circumstances, and so on. If you, the reader, can similarly identify with them, you will probably get some satisfaction from this book.
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I have spent most of my working life in the dairy industry, both as owner and operator of a commercial farm and industry politics and management, which has allowed me to travel extensively, mainly around Australia and worldwide.

I enjoy reading, love history, have an active imagination, and nearly eighty years of experience to draw on.

After self-publishing AUSSIE YARNS consisting of twenty short stories in 2011, I embarked on my first novel entitled REMINISCENCE. It combines the modern-day life and experiences of an older man with his forebears' historical experiences who arrived in Australia in the gold rush days in the 1850s.

I have since finished another novella entitled CASSIE, another book called YARNS, ANECDOTES AND MEMOIRS, and most recently a book called F WORDS, a compilation of articles on 100 interesting words which start with the letter F. I have also written more than 200 poems, a few of which have appeared in print following competitions.

Just for fun, I converted eight of the stories from AUSSIE YARNS into plays and, using audience members to play the parts, stage them at gatherings of day-trippers, nursing homes, etc. I also give talks to school groups, study centers, holiday camps, and tour groups on various topics, including the Kilcoy Yowie. All this while I continue to run a little cattle property, breeding and fattening Droughtmasters.
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