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Azure Lake
Mar. 10, 2022
Maelyn Bjork
Fiction: General/Other
Widowed Catherine Stewart, living in Thousand Oaks, California, receives a phone call early on a late September morning. The message from her sister Lois; their mother had passed away. Lois asked if she would come to the funeral.

The day after Catherine graduated from college, she left Azure Lake, Idaho and returned only once. Five years before to attend the funeral when her father died. By then she was married and had a young son, Thomas.

Now a widow and running the real estate company that she and husband Tom had built. Now it took many long days and took great effort to keep the company thriving, along with six employees. Very she must travel back to Azure Lake where the funeral would be held. Also, that day she must pick up her son, Thomas from his private school because he had been expelled for several days for fighting.

She decides that she and Thomas will drive the 950 miles to her home town. When they arrive, they are invited to her sister Lois' house for dinner. Animosity soon develops between Lois and Catherine. She also finds that the original family house where she grew up had been extensively remodeled.

At dinner she also connects with her older sister Serena, who suffers from Down syndrome. Serena is excited to show Catherine and Thomas the changes to the house. When her mother remodeled, she had a large bedroom built for Serena. Catherine learns that the money for the remodeling came from selling the old farm land for building lots. Now considered prime land for building larger houses.

While at dinner Catherine feels cold resentment from her sister Lois, and affection from Sere Serena, Thomas and Catherine soon leave to stay in the original family home. Two evenings later, at the Mortuary, Catherine again meets Thad Vickers, and an old boyfriend from college. He has now become her family's attorney. He has matured into a handsome and intriguing man, and seems quite interested in her. They go to breakfast the next day, and she enjoys a 'date' with this great looking man.

After the funeral, at the reading of her mother's will, Catherine learns there are two stipulations. The first one shocks Catherine, because in the will her mother wants her to stay and care for Serena. If she does, she will inherit the family house. Two, she will also inherit one third of the estate. But what is she to do about her real estate firm? She has worked almost nonstop for nearly two years since Tom's death to build and maintain it.

These two stipulations surprise everyone in the family. And Lois is furious and screams that the house and land should be hers. When Catherine was a child, she remembered the financial struggles of her family. Now the land had become very valuable not only as a lake front resort, but other sections of the land are wanted for upscale residential property.

Who will take over Serena's care along with a generous stipend if Catherine refuses? What is Catherine to do?
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Maelyn Bjork grew up in Utah, married and taught school in that state. She also has lived and worked, in Arizona, California, and Colorado. She has always loved to read and soon the reading gave her ideas and inspired her to write. Once she retired from her teaching position she began to write and it became her passion. She holds a masters' degree in foods and nutrition. She and her husband also love to travel specially to cruise. She lives in a suburb of Salt Lake City with her husband and demanding cat named BeBe.

Maelyn Bjork began her began to a write novels, short stories and non -fiction about the time she retired from her teaching career. She soon joined Romance Writers of America, and another writing organization. She has lived in four states graduated for the University of Utah with a degree in general Home economics, holds a master degree for Arizona State University in foods and nutrition. Maelyn lives in a suburb of Salt Lake City, with her husband and a cat named BeBe. She enjoys visiting her children and grandchildren, because they live close enough see nearly every week.
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