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Moonie World VI: the Attack of the Twitter Trolls
Mar. 7, 2022
Robert E. Bob
Children’s fantasy literature (postmodern fairy tales) for adults. Illustrations are hand-drawn, black and white etchings by the author.

As you are aware, Reader, fairy tales are a realm in which the imagination is unleashed.
It is our hope that you are already in love with our Moonies as Princess Lubachenka and I are, as we continue to follow our mission in bringing these broadcasts to the public. No doubt you are also aware that our patikillar style of fairy tale aims for that precious and treasured thing encountered in literary pursuits, whereby the minds of both adults and childrens with ears on can enter the realm on the same flying carpet, so to speak, finding wonder and laughter in shared narrative transport.
You hold in your hands, Reader, the third of the EPICS. Estimated reading time in total; two and a half hours if you’re a fast reader; but we would recommend you take your time, especially as if you are reading aloud to the childrens with ears on, you will
I need to stop here and there to follow protocol, answer questions, and flick back and forth between the glossary to make sense occasionally.
For this entire volume, our live recorded broadcast will take you on a Moonie Mission to prevent an existential crisis in an erstwhile teenager in Australia, brought on by a cyber attack from an army of the Twitter Trolls.
Yes; that’s right; a most topically relevant and dreadful phenomenon in human relations. But not only that, Reader, as you will be itching to get into this murky ol’ grime athon, the Moonies also are required to perform an incredibly daring rescue during the worst bush‐fires in Australian history, and all this while there is a global pandemic threatening to wipe out the human species. Potentially, come to think of it, Moonies as well. Never in the history of mankind, or indeed the universe has this ever occurred before at the same time. This is what is meant by unprecedented. This is your chance to read about it.
It’s a children’s fairy tale for adults to be read by adults to children.
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Robert E. Bob is an on-the-sixty-side-of-fifty-something New Zealander who does a really bad job at making a living in Sydney. He is really annoying but it’s funny how you love to be annoyed by him.
Mr. Bob has been writing ideas, anecdotes, poetry and stories for his entire life before he found an especial affinity with the genre of children’s fairy tales for adults.
To explain; two important things occurred almost at the same time over a period in his life where he was undoubtedly more vulnerable to moments of hyper-clarity; and the things were not within days of each other; more like months, which over a lifetime is a short period; the likelihood of which is odd, but there you go; the first thing being the reading of a bedtime story to his children and the second; well that’s a wee bit more complicated.
During a psychotic episode in Mexico he was contacted by aliens and given a mission, from which he has not deviated and has been kept a tight secret. Upon receiving this mission, Mr. Bob instantly realized the significance of the first thing as they seemed related.
Prior to this episode in Mexico, Mr. Bob had devoted his life to the collection of life’s observations, collecting books and music, and had developed skills in inventing pointless games, avoiding reality and striving to be different at all costs, as well as doing his best at parenting. None of this really changed after he was given the mission.
Until in 1999, a further seminal event occurred to Mr. Bob. While traveling through China, he met Princess Lubachenka of Russia. They formed an unlikely friendship based upon sharing the same mission; another massive unlikelihood; she was contacted by the same aliens; that’s what she told him.
Anyway, he believed her and they formed a team. This has proved a fruitful partnership given that she speaks several languages and has access to the Russian space program. The Moonie World collection is their body of work to date while in partnership over this shared mission, however long it lasts. They prefer that the stories are to be read by adults to children; out loud; and with percussion or a melodic if you have one.
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