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Alissa and Her Clever Dog, Cyber: Book 1 War Driving
Mar. 2, 2022
Mathew Conger
A little girl experiences a problem with her wi-fi router as she is using a smartphone app. Her dog notifies her of bad guys outside of the house. Alissa contacts a kid’s cyber response team to find out what the bad guys are doing and how to stop them.

This is a children's book (ages 3-10) to help kids understand a cybersecurity event, where security terms can be easily understood and be interesting. This first book of mine is a story about a little girl named Alissa who has a dog named Cyber. The cleverness of the dog helps her understand that she needs to call a kid's cyber response team in order to help her fix an issue that she's experiencing with her Wi-Fi router. The kid's cyber response team is a team of three or four kid cyber experts but is represented by one expert called Lucky123 who gives her the instructions in order to succeed with the cyber problem.

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In 2019, Mathew began his passion for writing for children after noticing a group of children using their smartphones at a birthday party. The idea of teaching risks popped in his mind after questioning the kids about passwords, downloaded games, and social media platforms. The questions resulted in the understanding that there is a true challenge for connecting with children about the importance of security with their data and smartphone usage. He decided to complete his first children’s book “Alissa and Her Clever Dog, Cyber” Book 1. WarDriving. The book is about a girl who is alerted by her dog “Cyber” about the malicious activity with her Wi-Fi Router. Procedures to respond to the malicious activity are provided by a Kid’s Cyber Response Team and the problem is resolved. A few months later, he decided to complete Book #2. “Dumpster Divers” to communicate the risks of throwing away trash containing critical information such as passwords, credit card numbers, and social security numbers.

Today, Mathew continues to teach his kids and friends about cyber security and the risks involved with using smartphones and other internet-connected devices. He looks forward to writing more cybersecurity-related books for children and families to enjoy and learn from.
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