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Planet One Drop
Mar. 2, 2022
Hopeton George Gray
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
The book is science fiction and it is about an imaginary world where the new inhabitants can have some fun. The two newly occupied downgraded planets were Planet One Drop and Planet Rabox.
The world was in trouble because of a massive nuclear reactor meltdown just like Chernobyl but it was on a bigger scale, and then much else besides.
As a timing of good faith, our planet earth was bailed out of their apparent demise by their alliance with the Aliens of Planet Rabox.
An exchange program was initiated by Planet Rabox which became the building block for all three planets.
The Rastronauts and the Untouchable people became the protagonist of this new space age.
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Author Hopeton George Gray was born in June 1950 in Montego Bay, Jamaica. At the age of twenty-nine, he was recruited by the Papua New Guinea government where he worked on a three-year contract as an engineer. He then moved to Australia where he gained his Masters of Engineering Science degree at the University of Sydney. However, throughout his career, poetry and creative writing have been his passion. He was able to publish various articles internationally and have taken up writing and public performances full time, hence the name Starman.

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