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Restorative Health by the Numbers
Mar. 1, 2022
Darrell Misak ND, RPh
Non-fiction: Health/Medicine
Restorative Health by the Numbers was written by Dr Darrell Misak, a pharmacist and licensable naturopathic doctor, to bring a quantum energy health perspective to a daily practical lifestyle. The day you consume more energy than you get from your food is the first day of disease. Dr Misak outlines a history of health pioneers that explain the human body in terms of frequency and vibration in alignment with quantum physics understanding of the universe, outlines a restorative health approach that aligns with naturopathic medical philosophy, and breaks down how to do home self analysis of urine and saliva to identify a diet unique and specific to every individual. Symptoms are only a sign of imbalance related to deficiency or excess, and everyone can learn to identify patterns analytically that direct what is needed to observe natural self restoration.
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This is my first outreach looking for someone to help me bring this information in written form to the public. All rights are solely owned by me and subject to opportunity and discussion. ~DM
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I've done podcasting and online videos all over the world. I've found that censorship is real, but know this information can impact the health community like few books ever have. I have graphics, and charts to explain concepts and know another book that creates a practical step by step approach will follow and be well received. ~DM
Darrell Misak
Pittsburgh Alternative Health, Inc
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