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I’ll Cross the World for You
Mar. 1, 2022
Kkot-nim Lee
Children's: Young Adult Fiction
I’LL CROSS THE WORLD FOR YOU is timeless on many levels, but its speculative twist quite literally disregards the rules of time, when Song Eun-yoo’s letter from the year 2016 to herself ends up with Cho Eun-yoo living in the year 1982. These two Eun-yoo’s, with different last names, become close friends over their correspondences across time. Cho, whose time is going faster than Song’s, decides to help Song find her birth mother she’s never known. Meanwhile, the gap between their times closes more and more, and they can’t wait for their lives to merge and finally meet each other. But soon they find out they’re bound by much more than their friendship outside time.
Rights available:
WEL rights, international rights
Rights sold:
Sold in Japan-Kadogawa, Thailand–Amarin, Russia–AST, Taiwan-TBD, and optioned for a Korean TV series
Other Information:
Munhakdongne Young Adult Literary Award
Translated from Korean by Slin Jung
Sue Park
Barbara J. Zitwer Agency
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