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MASKIROVKA -- An insane act of revenge... An airborne Chernobyl... In the skies above Moscow...
Feb. 25, 2022
Xan Chusan
Fiction: Thriller
American Zac Zacharelli appears to be exactly what she claims: an international art recovery specialist at the top of her game. So too does Englishman Richard Halliday, a shadowy arms dealer with a stolen hundred-million-dollar American weapons system to sell to the highest bidder.

Neither is what they seem: both are being blackmailed to work for Kubik, a black-market dealer in state-of-the-art weaponry. And Kubik is not all he appears to be, either: he is the frontman for the Russian VPK, an ultra-secret military agency tasked by Putin’s successor with stealing emerging-tech weaponry from the West.

The enigmatic Zac and Halliday both have secret agendas: Halliday is running a black ops sting operation that breaks all the rules with veteran DIA agent Max Webber to smash Kubik and cripple the VPK. Everything changes when VPK hit teams kill Max’s 18-year-old daughter and his high-ranking SVR source. Hell bent on revenge, Webber creates a sting-within-a-sting – planning to switch the stolen weapons system for a dirty backpack nuke primed to detonate in the skies above Moscow.

Style: Tom Clancy’s original Jack Ryan meets Lee Child’s Jack Reacher attitude but with a tough, sassy American female joint-lead character
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