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The Last Matriarch: Day of the Robin
Feb. 25, 2022
David L. Simmons
Fiction: General/Other
The Last Matriarch: Day of the Robin is a historical fiction book. Black American community make-up during the sixties. The role the neighbors play in solving social problems.

About 100 years after the emancipation of slaves, living in the south was charming and segregated. This story is set in High Point, North Carolina. Jonnie Mae Dixon, the matriarch in the Black community, had the role was to maintain order and facilitate the cultivation of the children. Her daughter, Sylvia, wanted to know what started the bootleg war in the fifties. This is the story she was told.
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David L. Simmons was born in High Point, NC. He attended Los Angeles Metropolitan Community College (Mission College). He studied Communication at the University of Maryland in Europe. Graduate of Southwest Texas State University. He is a retired USAF Veteran and the author of The Last Matriarch: Bob White and The Fishbowl. He lives with his family in Macon, Ga.
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