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My Extraordinary Life
Feb. 2, 2022
Monica Sucha Vickers
Non-fiction: Biography
This is the story of my life as a triple amputee from birth through childhood, artificial limbs, surgeries, high school, college, employment, dating, marriage, and everything in between. There are discussions on what not to do when you meet a disabled person and how to react when children awkwardly point. I offer some observations on how to get through days that are not so fun. This book will show readers how living with disability is simply a lifestyle—it doesn’t make one courageous, brave, or heroic. Disabled people are very good at knowing what they can and cannot do. Knowing these limitations helps one look at the bright side of things and make life meaningful and useful. Readers will learn how to embrace life’s trials and pains because, quite simply, there really is no alternative.
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An award-winning author, Monica Sucha Vickers, was born in 1954 in Salina, Kansas, without legs and only one arm during the 1950's thalidomide era. Despite this, she lived her life completely and accomplished all things as if she were normal. Raised in rural Nebraska, she graduated from Syracuse High School in 1972 and then from the University of Nebraska in 1976. Following college, she traveled to California and found a job as a medical transcriptionist. She worked in this field for 40+ years as a transcriptionist, proofer, business owner, mentor, quality coach and instructor. She retired in 2014.
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