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Jan. 27, 2022
Carol Beecher
Children's: Middle Grade Fiction
The Kingdom of the Scattered Lands is a vast world that stretches over many leagues of mountain ranges, inland seas, desert sands, and vast forests--all of which harbor many diverse forms of life. Calamity strikes and three sisters, Cloudia, Lava, and Gritty, with the powerful Great Mage Quillo as their father, each finds herself lost and alone in strange lands. Their journeys to find each other, as well as save the Old Ones, are packed with danger and intrigue. Strangers abound—some good, some bad, some human, some beast, and some magical beings of all sorts. Each sister is driven to search for The Academy of the Four Schools of Magic to escape the evil that stalks the Scattered Lands and to rally the Old Ones. The evil being the Dark Mage Plague and his followers, who have murdered the King and continue to plot a complete takeover of the Scattered Lands. The Old Ones, who represent the light of the world, are bestowed with magical abilities and are currently in hiding as they are being threatened with extinction by these dark forces. The Academy is a conclave of magic instructors.They are all Old Ones, as are the sisters and their father. It is there that the main battle or end game--between light over darkness--is fought. Each sister represents one of the schools of magic, air, fire, and earth. It seems the fourth school of water is lacking a sister, or is it? Do they find their father and each other in time to save the Old Ones, and hence the light of the world? Magical, heartwarming, and very human—The Lost Sisters of Ancient Lands Trilogy is a delightfully suspenseful read for young folk who still believe in magic and in the future.

Book 1: Cloudia (68,744) Cloudia is an Air Mage destined to become a Master Mage. Her home is under attack. Her Father, the Great Mage Quillo, waves his wand and Cloudia finds herself, along with her companion, a small coyote named Wily, in the middle of a blizzard. She is the middle of three sisters and bears the mark of the Chosen One. Is she really destined to save the Old Ones? Through a perilous journey filled with colorful characters she struggles to reach the Academy of the Four Schools of Magic where she hopes to find her missing family. Her journey runs simultaneously with Lava in Book 2 and Gritty in Book 3 of The Lost Sisters of Ancient Lands Trilogy.

Book 2: Lava, (65,212) Baby sister Lava suffers a similar fate as her sister Cloudia in Book 1. She is lost and alone. She’s befriended by Spitfire, a Pygmy Dragon. Together they struggle on an equally perilous journey to the Cataclysmic Mountains in search of the Academy--the only safe place at the time and the seat of power for the Old Ones. Along the way, she meets Aqua, a Water Mage who strangely resembles herself. She learns the secret of the lone tree and conquers the tunnel of obstacles. Lava finds her sister Cloudia but news of her father and oldest sister, Gritty, remains to be discovered in Book 3.

Book 3: Gritty (63,863) Transported to and marooned in the Land of Shadows, feisty Gritty, too, is lost and alone. Fearful of the wrath of Sorcerer Plague, she learns to camouflage herself to survive. She finds herself transported yet again, this time from the Solid World into the dreadful and cruel School of Magic. Eventually, she discovers the Gateway of the Worlds, which will eventually lead her to the Academy, and makes a choice to save others along the way and in doing so, saves herself. She finds her way inside a painting, frees a Fairy Queen from a locked chest who becomes a very valued confidant, travels to the Land of the Pixies, finds her Father and his illustrious black-cat companion Tippitty-Wittchett, reaches the Academy and plays the end game. All is revealed, the Old Ones and the Scattered Lands have been restored, and a King is crowned.
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Carol Beecher is a new author of middle grade fantasy and author of the forthcoming The Silverleaf Fox Series (TouchPoint Press 2023) bringing to life hope and perseverance through her characters, both human and animal.
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