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The Freelancers: The Black Shield and The Red Fortune
Jan. 25, 2022
M. A. Frost
Digital: Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Once, there was a war against black magic in a kingdom facing a civil strife. Rebels gathered to fight, provoked by a corrupt ruler. When the oppression ended, a hero left behind a legacy. Years later, history repeats itself when a king dies. Having no relatives to succeed, a disciple of the king's claims the throne. This sparked a civil war. When warriors discover secrets behind the war, their struggles peak. Their enemies become overwhelming with the use of sorcery. Wizards offer their services as mercenaries in the conflict. To make matters worse, one of eleven ancient magic swords has chosen a wielder to fight in this war. Each sword is unique, but all are instruments of destruction. To level the playing field one warrior found a sword that can absorb magic. However, the side he chooses is greatly outnumbered. With the odds stacked against him, how can he win this battle?
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M. A. Frost is a middle sibling raised in a suburban area. He has a degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering, but he started his career as a web-developer as he was still discovering his career interest. He started writing in the early days of his career as a hobby. By losing himself in a fictional world, he found himself enjoying writing fictional stories.
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