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Mr. God, Will You Please Tell Me…
Jan. 24, 2022
Samuel Williams
Mister God, Will You Please Tell Me…is a warm and enlightening children-to pre-adolescent (YA) book. The book centers around a young girl who is curious about God and has many questions she would like to ask Him if only she manage to get an interview with Him. She mentions the idea of interviewing God to her friends who share with her numerous questions they too would like to ask God if it were possible. Kendia, the story’s protagonist, collects all the questions and having no idea how it will come to pass, goes to sleep believing that somehow, some day, she will get to interview God and ask Him all of the puzzling questions she has collected from friends. Miraculously that night something very special happens which answers Kendia’s many prayers for an interview with God.
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Samuel Williams was born and reared in Wadley, Georgia. He has loved reading and writing from childhood and wrote his first children’s book while just in second grade. He says writing relaxes him, but it is when he writes that he is enlightened and taught. Samuel is a school trained journalist and photojournalist. Other books by him are The Other Side of Jordan, When Men Don’t Cry, He Always Causes Me to Triumph, Mercy and Justice, 20 Plays: See My Purpose, Kendia’s ABC’s and Things I Can Be, Thoughts, Reflections, Poems and Prayers, A Handful of Love, and Ordinary Lessons from an Ordinary Guy.
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