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Jan. 20, 2022
David Epstein
Fiction: General/Other
A mash-up of King Lear, Death of a Salesman, and All in the Family for our times by a critically acclaimed playwright and screenwriter.

What could a man who has everything he might want—personal success, a family he adores, great, augmenting wealth— possibly do to lose it all? Ask King Lear. Better yet, ask Jules Luck, who through a devastating combination of misfortune and his own deeply willful misconceptions, both comic and cruel, sees life crash down around him.

THE RIVEN is about character, and the lack of it when events flame out of control in New York and Los Angeles. It’s not about a murder, although there is one. And it’s not a whodunit, although someone did. It’s as American as apple pie—a story of greed, love, and mayhem in the years surrounding 2010.
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