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Full House
Feb. 25, 2022
Jeanette McAdoo
Digital: Fiction: General
This book is a story of how the people in the West survived the hard times as well as enjoying the good times. How a town of friends and family stick together through it all.
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I've always had a passion for writing. The excitement I felt when my first book was published on June 1st 2004, overwhelmed me. I studied writing and was thrilled when I was set up for two book signings, two different books, and sold out both times. Twice I was in the local papers, and a congressman recognized me for my writing. Recently I made the cover of a New York digital magazine, The Universal Breakthrough. Six of my books have been published, and I am presently working on my seventh. Another exciting thing that happened was I once received an email from a friend's daughter who never liked to read. She told me that since reading my book, she now enjoys reading.
Diana Appleseed
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