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Through Unlocked Doors
Feb. 25, 2022
Ardsley Ames ( A. E. Ames)
Fiction: General/Other
Dedication of this book to my daughters and the loyal friends that I have.

There had to be a way to move forward on one's own and not be pushed around. The unlocked doors I opened to enter were good and bad choices. I have said that school is my safe place and I was able to complete a Doctorate late in life. My three daughters have given me love and balance to keep me upright. I share my writing in hope to give inspiration and a story to others.
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Growing up in the small long Island town of Amityville she had lost her entire family at a very young age. Reason enough for her to sort out her own life. Guided by instinct that didn't work in the beginning. The path she followed about going on with living had her encountering various jobs and people. She had been a model in New York and Atlanta as well as an Airline Stewardess. In Atlanta she opened her own modeling school during the 1960's. She had also been a Fine Art Consultant before discovering her passion of writing. Ames was awarded the Georgia Southeastern Writers Conference Poetry Award 2015, the Westhead Memorial Short Story Award 2017. She has recently moved from Georgia to Florida. Now completing her new book of short stories, Through Unlocked Doors.
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