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See My Purpose: 20 Plays
Jan. 14, 2022
Samuel Williams
Fiction: General/Other
See My Purpose: 20 Plays by Samuel Williams is a collection of 20 0f the author's contemporary creative works with contents that range from gangs to God. This compilation of inspired didactic works is sure to both entertain as well as enlighten its every reader whether they be 8 or 80. The poignant and powerful messages contained in each of these works transcend all barriers of ethnicity, socio-economics, religions, genders, political persuasions and other such natural divides in our society and, rather, focus their intention, purpose and energy on identifying and destroying the inherent destructive and debilitating forces and influences present at every level of man's existence regardless of his possessions, successes or titles. The messages and realism in these works is as applicable to a Jewish family as they are to a Hindu, Caucasian, Hispanic, Asian or Afro-American family. See My Purpose is just that, the author's attempt and intent to allow the world to see his divinely appointed.
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Samuel Williams was born and reared in Wadley, Georgia. He has loved reading and writing from childhood and wrote his first children’s book while just in second grade. He says writing relaxes him, but it is when he writes that he is enlightened and taught. Samuel is a school-trained journalist and photojournalist. Other books by him are The Other Side of Jordan, When Men Don’t Cry, He Always Causes Me to Triumph, Mercy and Justice, 20 Plays: See My Purpose, Kendia’s ABC’s and Things I Can Be, Thoughts, Reflections, Poems and Prayers, A Handful of Love, and Ordinary Lessons from an Ordinary Guy.
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