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One Small Word: Surviving childhood abuse
Feb. 25, 2022
Gloria Eveleigh
Digital: Non-fiction: Memoir
This book is the heartrending memoir of 50-year-old social work student, Frankie, and her dramatic memories of physical and sexual abuse at the hand of her father. Frankie journeys from despair to recovery, transforming into a strong woman, and offering hope to the reader of victory and a light at the end of the tunnel.
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Gloria Eveleigh has three adult children and five grandchildren and is now living on England’s south coast. Born in London just after the second world war, she grew up on a council estate, experiencing familial sexual, physical and psychological abuse within a dysfunctional family. Despite that, she did well at school and spent the first part of her career as a research scientist. She then studied to become a social worker, specialising in the area of safeguarding, and eventually running her own safeguarding consultancy.

As a child when abuse was hidden, not believed, and not acknowledged, Gloria’s experiences resulted in an emotional life sentence. She managed to turn this around, which inspired her to write her memoir to reassure other survivors that there is hope of recovery. This book is the first, but she has also written the sequel entitled, ‘NO – sequel to One Small Word’. She has already received many positive reviews for ‘One Small Word’, including a ‘Readers Favourite’ five-star review, and very positive reviews from both 'The US Review of Books' and 'Hollywood Reviews'.

Gloria is currently writing a historical novel entitled ‘Shattered Pieces can still Shine’. She was inspired to write it because of her passion for keeping issues like abuse, sex trafficking and domestic violence in the public arena. These issues are often kept hidden by victims because of the stigma attached to them, and this in turn protects abusers. She also wants victims and survivors to know that, like her, they can find peace through a personal faith in God, who unconditionally understands, accepts and loves us.

If you are an abuse victim or survivor, or someone caring for or supporting them, you’ll be able to relate to this book. If you are interested in understanding, combatting, or praying about this serious social issue, this and Gloria’s other books will give you a glimpse into the impact of abuse on victims

For more information about Gloria's books and where they can be purchased, see her websites and blog on www.gloriaeveleighauthor.co.uk and www.gloriaeveleigh.com
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