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Jan. 13, 2022
Suzanne McConnell
Fiction: General/Other
Fence of Earth begins on May 18, 1980, the eleventh anniversary of Maggie Cavanaugh’s first husband’s suicide. In a decade of self-imposed exile from California, Maggie put the 60’s counterculture and Scott’s suicide behind her, throwing herself into life as a dancer and a New Yorker. Now pregnant, in a new relationship, and back on her native soil, she must undergo an odyssey from denial through discovery to deliverance before she can bring this child into the world and marry Jed. But her deceased husband has tremendous emotional power over her. They fell in love as teenagers, and together endured Scott’s imprisonment, separations, and eventually, marital infidelities. A promising sculptor, Scott killed himself soon after Maggie left him. Now, allowing him and knowledge about his suicide into her consciousness threatens to wipe out the self and life she has struggled so hard to create. Memories of rescuing her kid goat from slaughter and watching her father kill the family’s steer mingle with her despair over Scott’s death. Compressing decades into two charged days, Maggie’s journey unfolds against California's history and breathtaking coast.
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