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Agony to Agony
Jan. 12, 2022
Patrick Yay
Non-fiction: Biography
Patrick Yay documented the modern Burmese history through his personal experience, the truth nothing but the Truth for the sake of the world to know inside Myanmar under the brutally cruel Myanmar Tatmadaw (the army ). This is the story of his own lived through the one of the most cruel military rules of the world. In fact it is the genesis of the present Criminal Military Regime killing hundreds of young people including children starting from 1st February 2021 up until today he print this book as third edition.
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Patrick Yay is a Burmese national born in Burma at the end of World War 2. Yay lived up to 1977 in Burma, Myanmar, educated in Medicine, exiled to Great Britain, practiced Medicine as a Paediatric Surgeon, and served in 5 University Hospitals and later part he changed his career to Psychiatrist until 2009 and retired from St. Thomas Hospital, under Kings College University of London.
Yay was inspired by the classic writers and Grand Masters in Arts and Classical Music’s Composers. Yay always wanted to write like them, paint-like them but his career in the medical field hindered him from commencing when he was young in university, although he was writing many poems then.
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