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Jan. 11, 2022
Tad and Jonathan Richards
Fiction: Thriller
In The Doomsday Notebook, Tad and Jonathan Richards, whose fictional universe is one in which the line between the literary and historical is remarkably fluid, bring together London physician (and former associate of Sherlock Holmes) Dr. John Watson, and New York journalist (and former Western lawman) William Barclay “Bat” Masterson, in a desperate race to save the life of a young man, and the planet. As recounted by Dr. Watson, the story is set in 1926. The world is recovering from one World War and beginning to look ahead with trepidation to another, as a new threat arises in Germany, where Adolf Hitler is rising to power, and where a young American veteran named Garrett Adler has come into possession of a dangerous secret when a German physics student named Werner (perhaps Werner Heisenberg?) entrusts to his care a notebook containing what appears to be the rough outline for a terrifying superweapon. Adler has written to Holmes begging for his help. Holmes, crippled with arthritis, sends Watson to Prohibition-era New York to find him, even as team of Nazi thugs is dispatched to America by Adolf Hitler to retrieve the notebook, at whatever cost to human life.
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“The Doomsday Notebook is one of most fascinating and delightful stories I’ve read in a long time. It draws the reader into a strange, beguiling world of espionage and murder, full of vivid characters (many of whom we know well), with twists and turns and historical possibilities that will leave your head spinning. I enthusiastically recommend this gripping and highly original novel.” —Douglas Preston
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