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Fallen Angel
Jan. 7, 2022
Lorraine Tramain (Lorena Rodriguez)
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
There is one absolute law all angels must abide by - never fall in love. Especially not with each other, but most of all, not with an Archangel.
Joan of Arc has heard the voices of angels her whole life. Now that she is one of them, she resents them for abandoning her in her most dire hour. Even after 600 years, she continues to be rebellious, unwilling to forgive or forget that she was brought to greatness, only to end up in flames.
The Archangel Gabriël is the Messenger of God and one of the voices Joan heard when she was alive. He is the only one who Joan still listens to and tries to protect her from his best friend, the Lord Protector Michael, who threatens to cast Joan out of Heaven for her insubordination.
But when an old enemy wounds Gabriël, he and Joan are confronted with their feelings for each other and break the most important law. They hide their affair from their friends and family, but with a demon slowly taking hold of Gabriël's mind for the sake of personal vengeance, and Michael's growing suspicion of their closeness and his own deep, unanswered affection for Gabriël, how much longer can this secret possibly last?
As Joan and Gabriël are threatened from every possible corner, they learn that everything they believed and fought for, everything that they thought they were, was a lie.
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