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The Assignment
Jan. 6, 2022
Georgi Nenchev
Fiction: General/Other
A medical doctor is coming home after hard night shift. Unexpectedly he encounters a brutal gang. They use and kill young girls at will. Moreover it appears they are government men. He goes through a sudden mental metamorphosis. He kills almost all of them. But it is not enough and it is not the end. This is only the beginning. Step by step he is drugged deep into one secret criminal society of power and sick souls. And step by step he will uncover dirty secrets and brutal chain of killing and use of people all over the world. Nothing is enough. Nothing is fair. And he decides to track them down and annihilate them all. Nothing so vulgar and coarse deserves to live. No one knows better how to kill than a man who saves lives every day. No one could be more brutal than one who cherishes life.
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Georgi Nenchev was born 24.06.1971, city of Sophia.

Currently, Nenchev is working as an anesthesiologist in the operation room and ICU, University Hospital "Kanneff," Rousse.

Nenchev home town is Gabrovo, near the ideal geographical center of Bulgaria. He has studied at National Nature and Mathematical Science School, named after academician Ivan Gyuzhelev. When he was still a little boy, he spent almost every summer vacation at the village of Lipnitza, Vratza district, at his grandparents'. There, he has studied nature in detail. While being a child, he was reading a lot of books. A big impression had made stories about Chavdar the Chieftain and other heroes from Bulgarian history. The village of Lipnitza goes the Road of Botev detachment, a national hero who died in a battle against Turkish invaders.

Nenchev has studied at Medical University, the town of Pleven. After weaning his service in barracks, he worked in Emergency, Gabrovo, his home town. There he has had many close meetings with death, which changed his point of view on life and human nature.

Nenchev's books appear as a result of my new point of view upon life and human nature.

Besides his work, Nenchev liked physical training and, some time ago, martial arts, more specifically Wing Chun.
He is married, and we have a beautiful little daughter.
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