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A Lost Love
Jan. 17, 2022
Eleanor Lee Gustaw
Digital: Fiction: Romance
A lovely writer finds her passion as an Assistant Editor realized when an unexpected circumstance changes her life, where she works in a beautiful mansion for a wealthy owner, unbeknownst to each other that he is her editor. Through the heart of a little girl’s hope, they eventually marry and raise a family, loving their work, and diversifying the company. Faithfully serving others, they continue to remain true to the honor and integrity in glorifying God in everything they accomplish!
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Eleanor Lee Gustaw’s work holds various prisms of creativity, masterfully reflecting her talent of skillful diversity within her craft. Whether a love story or a children’s story, she continues to write from life’s experiences and her heart, which invariably holds this uniqueness of style. Eleanor’s passion for writing as a young child continues to fuel the flame of burning desire and deep emotion, from which she fervently creates her craft. Within the nature surrounding her home, the detailed descriptions and her wonderful imagination, bring these stories together within the realm of immense beauty that’s depicted, as art, within her books. Here, her work excels, portraying a heart of endless scenes empowered through passion, as though the reader’s present. Such skill is gracefully woven within the perfection of every detail, drawing the reader into the scenes, and the characters that play their roles, as is written within this novel of A Lost Love.
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