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“Chasing the Devil” A Drake Stevens Series
Feb. 25, 2022
Gary P Laird
Fiction: Thriller
This novel is about a serial killer; his horrific childhood and his obsession with the power he feels when in control of life and death. At the same time a young detective comes on the scene who struggles with several cases at the same time and the threat of a broken marriage.
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Gary P Laird is 81. Like GrandMa Moses he is trying to prove, it's never too late in life, provided you still have your health and faculties, to Start one more challenging venture. For the past four years he has been learning the craft of writing. He took a writing course with the Wing Hill School of Writing and read various books on the craft of writing fiction and screenplays. One day he hopes to write a well-crafted novel.
An avid movie fan, MR Laird dreams of producing, writing, and directing his own independent full length film. To date, he has written four screenplays and ten novels. He says he is still waiting to produce his best work. His advice, never stop dreaming.
Gary has spent 35 years in the hardest form of sales. He performed cooking shows in people's homes and then sold the equipment. His inner struggles as a young boy followed him throughout his eighty one years, making him feel, like everyone else, he has at least one story to tell. Using his life experiences to pull from, with a limited vocabulary, he forges onward towards his goal to write a blockbuster.
He is an artist/cartoonist and martial artist. He spent forty years mastering the martial arts. Gary was an entrepreneur of sorts owning and operating three Kung Fu Schools and a direct sales company. With his eyes failing to a degree he has moved on from a dream of being a professional cartoonist to his newfound love, writing for entertainment.
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