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Economics of Information Biasing (Second Edition)
Feb. 25, 2022
Monowar Zaman
Non-fiction: Business/Finance/Economics
This book describes a new scientific paradigm of economics that unifies the diverse thoughts of economics to provide a simplified but holistic view of real-world economic, markets, and sociopolitical structures.
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Students and general readers around the globe


My inspiration came from the hope that we should be able to leave sustainable earth for our future generations in an economical way that the mainstream economic theories could not address. However, we need to provide them with enough information and the right strategy to make our earth a better living place for humankind.


The original version of this book published by VDM Publishing in Germany was cataloged and accepted for Baker Library, Harvard Business School, and Dewey Library, M.I.T collections. This edition is eight (8) times in size than the original. I believe, if it is re-published by an established traditional publisher, it will attract all major academic and public libraries in the world to buy this book. Also, it may potentially be translated into multiple languages.

The readers of this book will be equipped with a new way of thinking about economics, markets, and sociopolitical structures for reaching a boiling point of sustainability.
Diana Appleseed
The Regency Publishers
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