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Dec. 23, 2021
Martin Clark
Fiction: Thriller
From the best-selling author of The Substitution Order and The Many Aspects of Mobile Home Living.

Andy Hughes is a small-town public defender. For seventeen years, he’s been underpaid to look after the poor, the addicted, and the unfortunate souls who constantly cycle through the courts, charged with petty crimes. Then, in the summer of 2020, things change. He’s assigned to a grotesque murder case that brings national media focus to rural Patrick County, Virginia — Alicia Benson, the devout wife of a wealthy Mormon businessman, is murdered in her home. The accused killer, Damian Bullins, is a cunning felon with a long history of violence, especially where women are concerned. Surveillance video shows Bullins entering and leaving the Benson house, the deceased’s blood is splattered on his pants, and he confesses to the police. He even admits his guilt to Andy. But a series of glitches and missteps—a typographical error, the discovery of a marital secret, a missed filing deadline, and a cop bending the truth for justice’s sake—begin to bedevil the state’s case, making it possible Bullins might escape punishment. Once he learns about these complications, Bullins summons Andy to the jail and unexpectedly declares his innocence, though the story he tells in support of his new claim seems beyond belief. Duty-bound to give his client the best defense possible, Andy sets aside his misgivings and agrees to help fight for a not-guilty verdict, a decision that will ultimately endanger him and his family and force him to make profound, life-and-death choices, both inside and outside the courtroom.
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