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Colour of the Journey
Jan. 17, 2022
Alice Nash
Fiction: General/Other
Its the late 1980s, and Chinese economic reform is in full swing. The newest province Hainan has just been formed. It is granted status as the largest Special Economic Zone by the central government, attracting many young and ambitious graduates to pursue their dreams of a better life.
Twenty-seven-year-old Liao Yi Ling takes a two-week holiday in Haikou, the tropical coastal capital of Hainan, to see what life can offer. Her life then overtaken by a series of twists both emotional and professional.
She is at the peak of her career in PR at the multinational group beginning to develop a major economic zone in South China when the Tiananmen Square event takes place, resulting in economic sanction by the West.
How will these grim times directly affect her own world? Will she remain in the country that she loves?
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Alice Nash grew up in Sichuan, China where the green hills and clear waters formed picturesque scenery that ensured her love for the nature can be tracked back to her childhood. And the much-zone of love were literature, work-out and music, preferable easy-listening to classic music.
She had a Party and Government Management at the Chinese open university in 1987, in which Polities, Literature, Management, and History were compulsory courses.
She has been living in London since the Autumn of 1990. She had a MA in Diplomatic Studies in University of Westminster, London in 1994.
As the first generation of immigrant to United Kingdom from China, she wants to tell her children and descendants that her departure of China directly linked with a piece of Chinese history, the Economic Sanction in 1989 as well as growing vigorous ‘the Hainan Heat’ in the middle of 1980s. She wants her son to know that there is a deep connection between him and China, to show him the greatness of her mother’s motherland, and be fully aware of his Chinese heritage.
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