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Dec. 21, 2021
Gale Massey
Fiction: General/Other
A new novel from the award-winning author of The Girl from Blind River and Rising. In Fallen Odds, a teenage girl, Bristol, has gone missing in South Florida, and the only person searching for her is her foster care roommate, Caden. All leads point to a high-end casino at the edge of town and a million-dollar poker tournament that has attracted high-rollers with the money to pay for whatever, and whomever, they want. Meanwhile, Phoebe Elders is in town to watch her estranged daughter, Jamie, play in the biggest tournament of her life. Phoebe has seen young girls destroyed by the sex trade industry, but when Caden asks her to help find Bristol, Phoebe convinces herself that it’s not her place to interfere. But the truth is, she doesn’t want to face the facts of a crime she committed more than twenty years earlier when she comes face to face with the killer she might have stopped so long ago. He’s sitting across the poker table from Jamie.
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