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Answer By Fire
Jan. 17, 2022
Roger James Donald
Fiction: General/Other
Answer By Fire begins approximately fifteen years into the future and Miguel Longfire, an admired European politician, is assassinated. He is a perfect specimen for the new techno-neurological procedure known as Critical Biogenetronics Reclamation. The procedure has been performed on other specially selected candidates, but without success. LongFire is the first one on whom the operation took hold. His revival and acquired brilliance astonish the watching world.
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ROGER JAMES DONALD was a staff lyricist for MGM’s publishing house, Intersong, and also has over 60 songs (lyrics) recorded by artists in the Christian Music Industry. Joe English, Paul McCartney’s former drummer, recorded 12 of them. One song, “Shine On” was #1 on the charts. Roger has been a freelance writer for a fitness magazine, New Body, and has written and published Restaurateur of Seattle, a monthly magazine about restaurant chefs. In addition, he co-wrote the theme song (lyrics) for the Andy Williams Summer television show.
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