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Boo! Hoo! Blue Purdue: Revised Edition
Feb. 25, 2022
Nadolyn H. Robinson
Digital: Children's
Boo Hoo Blue Purdue is a lovable character that depicts three different colors of blue that correlates with his emotions. This book depicts a character encountering a situation of feeling left out and his outside appearance reflects how he feels on the inside, while depicting three different colors of blue.
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Nadolyn H. Robinson grew up enjoying reading and visiting the library which gave her a magnificent feeling of excitement and imagination. Her home was filled with knowledge and creativity, surrounded by encyclopedias, books with Shakespeare sonnets, plays and poets of diverse backgrounds.
Nadolyn H. Robinson received a degree as a Registered Nurse and traveled throughout The United States specializing in pediatrics, adult medicine, and hospice care, and where her writing career began.
Nadolyn has published two books of poetry for young adults and a children’s book. Who’s Fool /Your Fool No Fool/ is a book of poems that allow you to smile, think, ponder, and question. It’s very generic, non-specific but powerful!
Cocoon of Protection is one long poem that propels you to become better than what you are and know that you were created for a reason and have a purpose of significance. Boo Hoo Blue Purdue is a children’s book that depicts three different colors of blue with a story that renders courage, perseverance, and honesty. There are several other books waiting for publication that will propel a person to learn, share and create.
Nadolyn’s books have been introduced on various stages and enterprises. Introduced to a kindergarten class at Whitney Elementary in Memphis Tenn. Book signing and introductions in Atlanta Ga., Memphis Tennessee, and New Bern N.C. Her publications are shelved in Next Chapter Bookstore in New Bern N.C., Southwest Library in Atlanta Ga., and Whitehaven Branch Library in Memphis Tennessee. Recent podcast interview with Global Summit House.
Nadolyn H. Robinson currently lives in New Bern N. C., retired from her career as a nurse, and loves playing basketball with her five grandsons!
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