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Dec. 16, 2021
Christopher Newman
Fiction: General/Other
A stand-alone novel by the Edgar-nominated author.

Steve Blair is barely recognizable as the former teenage rock guitar prodigy who went platinum at age eighteen and flamed out like a shooting star four years later. He has moved from Nashville to Los Angeles, been in recovery for eight years, and teaches guitar at a shop in Westwood while also doing studio work when his old producer contacts him with an offer. Flavor-of-the-decade Tinker Fleet is doing a cover of a huge hit from Steve’s first album that has since achieved rock-anthem status. She wants him to play his signature lead guitar on it and maybe even sing a duet with her. Meanwhile, sixteen hundred miles away in Branson, Missouri, a former local homecoming queen and single mother of twin girls, reveals a suspicion she’s been nursing for the twelve years since her girls were born; her revelation now triggered when someone in the bar where they are drinking plays an old Steve Blair song on the juke box. Her friends agree that her girls are the most un-twinlike twins they can imagine and that if you put make-up and earrings on the young Steve Blair in that picture, he’d almost be a dead ringer for her daughter, Nevada. What follows is that Steve’s career is spectacularly relaunched (in unexpected ways) at the same time as his personal life takes a turn for the crazy.
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Christopher Newman has been nominated for an Edgar Award.
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