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Please Handle Me Carefully For I Have Been Broken
Feb. 25, 2022
Flabia Thembeka
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
This book was written to equip the broken and abused with the right tools to guide them to becoming free and become an overcomer forever from the foul spirit of rejection.

This book's main intent is to focus on, and expose the spirit of rejection. When you read thru the eyes of the fictional characters you will gain some insight on how abuse and rejection go hand and hand. As you read through these pages, the desire is to show you, 'you are not alone'. There is help available for you to repair the brokenness in your life and to become whole for the first time!
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Flabia is a true and real breathing person who loves the LORD with all her heart, soul, might and strength.
Flabia is a true worshipper of GOD, He is always at the center and the core of her heart and thoughts.
Flabia is an ordained minister of the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST.
Flabia is an advocate for the truth.
Flabia is not churched, nor is she religious: she’s just a vessel who wants to be used by her sovereign GOD.
Flabia does not allow judgment; she goes only with what the WORD of GOD says, if it says it is wrong then it’s wrong. Flabia understands that GOD is the RIGHTEOUS JUDGE, and HE will have the last say!
Flabia has a true love for all GOD’S people and her heart is for all to come out of the darkness into the Loving, Protective, Marvelous Light of our true FATHER GOD the Creator of all.
Diana Appleseed
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