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Murder in Paradise
Feb. 25, 2022
Thomas Franks
Digital: Fiction: Thriller
In 2020, there were over 16,425 murders committed in America alone. In this book we are going to look at some fictional characters…their state of mind, their hatred for other human beings, their mannerisms, their psychological thinking, and their mental and emotional status. For most cases, we will find out “whodunit”, why they did it, and how they did it.
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Thomas Franks is an established author (26 books). He is also an inspirational speaker and formerly a radio talk show host. His global motivational seminars, conferences, and workshops have contributed to a lot of his candor and frankness. Thomas’ books, motivational materials, and videos have made an international impact. Thomas spent 37 years in the Military and he believes in sharing his wealth of knowledge with others as he lives each day with his adorable wife Karen Lovejoy Franks.
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