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Trans Mission
June 1, 2022
Evan Baldock
Fiction: Thriller
It's 1993, and Peter has been suffering transphobic abuse all his life, and he's just about had enough.

Bumping into Tony at 2am in the middle of Soho dressed as his female alter-ego, Petra, was a disaster. Not only is Tony his supervisor at work, he was a man who detested gay people.

After exchanging harsh words, Tony is dead. The investigation is lead by DCI Neider who also hates gay men, especially after finding her husband being fondled by another man.

Warned of an impending arrest, Peter goes on the run and a game of cat and mouse ensues. Facing a lifetime in prison if he's caught, he isn't fazed in the slightest. For the first time in his life, Peter finally feels free.
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Stuart Debar
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