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El Espejo Horadado (Spanish Edition)
Feb. 25, 2022
J. Rafael Molina Contreras
Digital: Fiction: General
This book puts before humanity a series of mirrors, in a game that opens the door to spirit, to light ... and in a deep and beautiful allegory, it suggests the evolution of intelligence. confronts humanity with itself, and opens a path towards the light, towards the spirit.
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J. Rafael Molina Contreras was born in Aguascalientes, Ags., Mexico. He graduated as a Communications and Electronics Engineer in 1983.
In 1985 he joined a literary creation workshop. He writes and publishes in local newspapers and magazines. He participates in radio and television as a guest. He starts his teaching work.
In 1986 the magazine Zaguaro of the University of Arizona, published one of his
sonnets. Radio Netherland broadcasts his story "Your little children." In 1997 he completed studies of Master of Science and Specialty in Philosophy. In 1999 he published “La Divina Tragedia” and “On Sor Juana and other lines”.
In 2004 he graduated as Doctor of Science (Optics). Since then, he has published more than 50 scientific articles in conferences and specialized magazines such as: Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics and Materials Science and Engineering B.
In 2010 he studied the physical mechanisms of the adsorption of bio-molecules in solid liquid interfaces and the response of semiconductors in the THz region of the spectrum in a Postdoctoral stay at the University of Liverpool and at the INFLPR in Romania.
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