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How Stupid Are We?
Feb. 25, 2022
Cliff Somers
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The premise of this book is that an identified group of the country's richest men have been able in the period from the mid-twentieth century to the present to swing the conservative politics of the country to a very hard line right wing position subsuming the Republican Party and benefiting them to the disadvantage of average Americans in the middle class and working poor while those same Americans have consistently voted for the politicians who have been suborned by those rich men. It explains the extensive methods used by the rich to attain their end as well as the adverse effects on the health, wealth and well-being of Americans and it urges them to wake up, see the error of voting for those who harm them and sets forth some ways this trend can be reversed.
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Cliff Somers is a retired attorney who lives in Tampa, Florida with his wife of twenty years, Jennie Cliff received his BA degree in English and his JD degree in law from the University of Florida. After three years as an enlisted man in the II, Army Special Forces, a tour in Vietnam on an -A- team and four years as an Army JAG officer. Cliff began the practice of trial law In Tampa in 1972 and has lived in the Tampa Bay area ever since Cliff loved trial work and did it Bard he 'armed in 2014. He has written one other book entitled “Is He or Isn't He? A Response to God's not Dead”. Therein, Cliff presents a rebuttal point for point to the cf.. of Pastor Broocks to present evidence for God in an unserem world", that book Cliff does not proselytize He and Jennie share four children, several grandchildren and great grandchildren, They live in a very comfortable home in a beautiful community where they hope to spend their years.
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