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The American Enterprise Manifesto
Feb. 25, 2022
Jerry Rhoads
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This book proposes a third political party (The American Enterprise Party) to represent 169 million enterprising workers that go to work everyday to support the great American Enterprise. Rhoads offers a third-party alternative for those enterprising Americans who pay for the public sector and do not currently have fair representation or input to the system that has caused many fiscal, social, and foreign-relation problems that face this nation of 313 million citizens.
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Jerry L. Rhoads was born in Indianola, Iowa November 23, 1939 to George and Velma Rhoads. He graduated from Simpson College with honors in 1961. He is married to Sharon K. White Rhoads and has four children, twelve grandchildren and one great grandson. He is a CPA and a licensed health care administrator in three states. He was employed by Arthur Andersen & Co. from 1961 to 1969 in their health care consulting practice. He was a partner in two CPA firms and was the owner of J. L. Rhoads & Company, CPA's and various consulting and technology companies. His specialization is Medicare and Medicaid programs. His clients included State and Federal governmental agencies, State and National Trade Associations, hospitals, physicians, nursing homes and assisted living centers. In 2009 and 2010 he, his wife and son purchased three skilled nursing facilities in Arkansas and Iowa. They have since sold those businesses to be able to lobby for change in that industry. My love of literature and writing have led me to that venue for our next business. The books are dealing with my expertise in health care in all aspects since owning as well as consulting with hundreds of clients. I also have a love of poetry and photography that are stimulating books from material I have created over the last 40 years. The poetry books evolved out of my auto time traveling to my nursing home clients recited into a tape recorder then transferred to paper then digital format to be published. The Eighth Wonder of the World is the first of many poetry/photography books I plan
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