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My Embodiment as a Broken Record
Feb. 25, 2022
Thomas-Ian Nadeau
Fiction: Sci-Fi/Fantasy
Is homosexuality evil? Is hell afterlife for somebody who is homosexual? These questions trouble me as I
listen to the now by my opinion, the crazed maniac J. Michael Mahoney. Yet this short autobiography is
not about a series of events in my life. It was the vampire chronicles I read when I was a kid and many
other things, but not that. It just became part of the explanation of my story.
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Thomas-Ian Nadeau grew up in the South Shore of Montreal Quebec Canada, who later moved to the big city itself in his adolescence. Since he was young, he had problems with his mental health and had to live in group homes, and hospitalization. He wrote two longer stories before this one but threw them out because they didn't qualify to be published. He worked hard on this autobiography and wrote it in a three-year time frame where he was in and out of his own mental health because he had stopped taking it again. When he was back together again, he organized this story, and that was it. Thomas-Ian is now twenty-four and is hoping to go back to school in the indefinite future.
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