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Judgment Day Is Not Coming: Are You Ready?
Feb. 25, 2022
Dr. David G. Mutchler
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This is a self-help book that shatters Christianity’s notion of the original sin by offering a new and more reasonable interpretation that empowers people to significantly improve their own lives, as well as the lives of others from the impact one’s own changes have on them.
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Dr. David Mutchler earned a bachelor’s degree in education, master’s degrees in philosophy and social work, and a doctorate in psychology, followed by advanced studies in religion. He has taught at the secondary, university, and business executive levels, with Honors in each. In addition, he spent several years working in the field of mental health.

David embarked on studies that would have led to a doctor of divinity degree, but left the program at the point that he was unable to reconcile what he saw as profound differences between the actual theological roots of Christianity and what was being preached from the pulpit on Sunday mornings. One such point occurs at the outset of the Bible, which is the premise upon which the entire religion is grounded—the story of Adam and Eve and the so-called original sin. The traditional interpretation would have it that humans fell into sin through disobedience, and that we’re all doomed to go to hell unless we repent and accept Jesus as our savior. David rejects this usual explanation in favor of a more realistic and optimistic view that the problems and suffering we face on a daily basis have more to do with the human condition we’re born into. Once we understand this condition, we are all equipped with the one tool required to lead joyful and peaceful lives.
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