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Demystifying God: Redefining Black Spirituality in the Age of iGod
Feb. 24, 2022
Tony Saunders
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Within Demystifying God Tony Saunders challenges the socio-political superstructures of modernity based on the interpretation that society has evolved into a new age: the age of iGod. Throughout Western history God has always been considered external and out in the great beyond, however, in the age of iGod people, and especially black people, are beginning to see God as internal and as self. Demystifying God is therefore an action plan written with the confident hope that once the black people of today know themselves and their potential they will be willing to put the work in to make their lives, and the lives of other black people, far more righteous as a result of their own divinity. There is no doubt that large sections of the black community are currently unrighteous, it is up to them now to lay hold of that righteousness.
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Tony Saunders made his bones in New York City as O.G. Foot-C of the Brooklyn, New York Crips in the late 1990s. Following those days he did time in prison for assault with a deadly weapon and was deported back to his place of origin in London, England. During his time in prison Saunders associated with many who were in the godbody movement but put off joining due to his affiliation to Christianity. After returning to London he soon became affiliated with certain Marxist groups before reconnecting with, and this time fully joining, the godbody movement existing in South London. Saunders has since studied sociology and anthropology at Goldsmiths University of London and has applied the lessons he learned to the movement he has become so devoted to.
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