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Inside The Cold War
Feb. 24, 2022
Norman L. Miller
Fiction: General/Other
This book provides readers with an inside view of the intrigue that took place in Riga, Latvia during an Olympic press conference at the foremost start of the Soviet Union breakup. Soviet Union Naval secrets were smuggled out with an American Bobsled coach secretly doing missions for the CIA.
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Norman L. Miller has a unique skill allowing him to write fast-paced novels that awakens the reader’s ability to visualize exceptional scenes and encourages them to continue turning the page to see what happens next!

Miller is a former bobsled athlete, certified as an International Olympic Bobsled coach. He was a member of the coaching staff at the Olympic Trials in Winterberg, Germany and the 1988 Winter Olympic Games in Calgary, Canada.

His first novel, “IceSpy” involved military/sport’s intrigue between the United States and the former Soviet Union during the Cold War.

He produced “Against the Edge”, a 30-minute television special on World Cup Bobsled competition that aired on NBC and a 30-minute cable documentary on the history of Leningrad in the former Soviet Union.

After retirement the author led a group of people who raised over 3 million to build a Challenger Learning Center in Schenectady to promote math, science and technology to middle school children in upstate public schools.

Miller is retired from the U.S. Air Force with 33 years’ experience. After his military retirement he owned a management consulting company for CEO’s and executives, titled Leadership Management of New York. He is a former Judge. Norm and his wife, Marilyn have lived in their home, located on 100 acres, near Schenectady, New York since 1971. The couple will be married 60 years in June 2022. They have four children, seven grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Miller plays live Taps on a bugle for military funerals at the Saratoga National Cemetery and other private Air Force funerals.
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