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The Great American Rabbit Chase
Feb. 24, 2022
Pat Parsons
Fiction: General/Other
This book is about a little boy's obsession or attraction to little girls and their body parts. This obsession became so much a part of his daily activities that it grew with intensity and continued to do so throughout his life. This very special body part was once referred to as the rabbit. His attraction to the rabbit soon became an addiction. As a young man, he found himself purposely becoming involved with older women. Sometimes he would ask them to train him in the art of making love.

Staying with the theme of his desires, he achieved his objective in learning by trying any and all possible acts of sex ladies could subject him to. As a result, his sexual escapades or rendezvous mounted in number and became written or taped memoirs to be used in processing this particular book and others. His hope is to enlighten the readers as to how much happiness can be found in life if one works hard at doing things for not only self-satisfaction but the satisfaction of others as well. (Or maybe he just wants people to know how much fun it can be to live in afterglow!)
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I was born in a small town in southern Virginia near the Tennessee border. When I graduated from high school, I got a job. I got in trouble several times, mostly from partaking in the forbidden fruit. Barely managing to avoid getting shot or going to jail, I decided I would be better off living in the more densely populated area and moving to a larger city. Staying true to the theme of my heart and mind's desires, I achieved my objective of learning what I needed to know. I did so by trying any, and all possible acts of sex ladies could subject me to and didn't have to look over my shoulder in the process. As a result, my sexual escapades or rendezvous' mounted in number. They became
written memoirs or tapes to be used in the processing of this particular book and others. I hope to enlighten my literary audience on how much happiness can be found in life if one works hard at doing things for self-satisfaction and the satisfaction of others.
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