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Marriage Cardiology 101: Knowing the Symptoms of Marriage Heart Trouble
Feb. 24, 2022
Jeffery Matthews
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
Author and Iraq Veteran’s discovery of Marriage Heart Trouble In America that’s taking marriages by storm.
This author inspires readers through his wife’s heart attack and revelation from God regarding heart trouble upon the marriage.
Author and Minister Jeffery Mathews as a Bronze Star Iraq war veteran has experienced troubled nights and days. What allowed him to endure the battle was his faith in God. One night chest pains came upon my wife and turned to trouble. The cardiologist said your wife has suffered a major heart attack. The life I knew of a wonderful marriage went dark temporarily. Through faith much prayer and a mighty God our marriage went from darkness to light.
The spirit of the Lord revealed to me through my wife that many marriages are experiencing spiritual chest pains. The Lord revealed if many don’t see the doctor (Jesus Christ) marriage heart attack is at the door. This heart attack can lead to death of the marriage. Many marriages are in a dark place due to blockages in the arteries of their marriage. I discovered that marriage is a major heart issue. My wife recovery went very well upon following the doctor’s commands.
I want my readers to know that marriage when Christ is the center is mighty and powerful. I have seen the hand of God over the heart of my wife and the heart of our marriage. Our purpose now is to encourage marriages that they must have an experience with God. We desire also to bring awareness to women of human heart diseases that is on the rise in America and abroad. Hear our story of our only child and daughter of no known medical issues dies at the age of 39 from cardiac arrest.
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My wife and I have been abundantly blessed to be married for thirty-six years. We have experienced wonderful days of joy and happiness. One thing that we have learned that is certain about marriage. I discovered that a great marriage develops through the depths of valleys while reaching for the mountain top. There have been many valleys we found ourselves in that required faith to rise. Now, we've had to rise from some dark situations such as her heart condition and my three years of unemployment. What we knew was important was not looking at each other, but looking to God. We knew if we looked at each other about our struggles that could lead to finger pointing. This is how the devil defeats the marriage. What we decided to do instead was to point to God who is able to bring us His provision and His promises. God did just that. Growing up in the projects of Trenholm Court in Montgomery, Al. I knew what it was to endure hardship. Things would really get tough for my father who would have seven children to raise alone after mom's death. I developed a determination to win over adversity and joined the Army and retired a Chief Warrant Officer. The same endurance and faith it took me to endure while in Iraq, graduating from college, is required in sustaining in marriage. When the cardiologist said my wife suffered a major heart attack, I cried out to God for that same endurance. The hand of God brought healing and deliverance upon my wife. What God has given us in marriage is there is more of us for His glory. We are watching the hand of God and how He has blessed us that we bless other marriages through our story. --This text refers to the paperback edition.
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