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The Balance Concept in Health and Nursing: A Universal Approach to Care and Survival
Feb. 24, 2022
Daisy Magalit Rodriguez
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The central idea in this book is the concept of balance composed of five universal elements that support survival of all human beings—adaptation, equilibrium, homeostasis, needs and health—and how it applies to health and nursing. Behavior is the key that unlocks these elements through interaction with the internal and external environments. The concepts of imbalance, personality, open systems, behavior pyramid, culture, technology, and physical forces are viewed as influences that affect behavior. Using existing related concepts and theories derived from the social, nursing, and physical sciences, a novel view of the health-illness continuum was conceptualized. From this theoretical background, a new nursing model was developed – the Balance-Health Nursing Model (BHNM) using balance as a framework in the nursing process. A Balance Health Assessment Tool was developed with a sample case study to demonstrate its use. This view of balance offers an alternative approach to health and illness and the role of nursing and other health care professionals in their practice settings.
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Daisy Magalit Rodriguez graduated from the University of the Philippines with a degree in nursing and practiced in the United States as a professional nurse and educator in nursing programs. As a professional nurse, she practiced in a variety of settings, including clinical nursing, management, education, and hospital organizations. She has taken online courses towards a doctorate degree in organizational leadership. Her first book, "The Balance Concept in Health and Nursing" elucidates the Balance Theory, centered on the balance concepts that are necessary for human survival. She continues to write, including poetry, to expand her range of interests in writing to contribute to the professions, publications and the community.
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