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Until Hell Freezes Over
Feb. 24, 2022
Ernie Moulton
Fiction: Thriller
George Mictackic’s sister Sheila disappeared when she was eleven. George swore that he would not stop looking for her until Hell froze over. He found her 20 Years later and nursed her back to health. She was unable to tell him what had happened to her. He called his investigative team together, and they helped to restore her memory. She never remembered it all, and George said, ‘Let it rest. The body hides the worst things from us.

A pedophile had taken her into forced white slavery. George was determined to find that man if he was still alive. He found four eleven-year-old girls willing to travel with his group and get on the internet. They were to talk to anyone. If the perps were still active, they would find the girls and when they came looking for them, they would instead find police waiting.
He only cared about one man but was more than willing to take any others that he found off the streets, too. He did find his man.
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Ernie Moulton was born near Tampa, Florida, and grew up in Florida. He published his first stories in the school newspaper while in the fifth grade and has continued writing stories. He continued writing throughout high school and college and was Feature newspaper editor in his college. He also reads Spanish, German and Herew.
His extensive travels while in the Navy and later while working for the Army bring life to his scenarios and characterizations. He has traveled to many of the countries where his characters go, so he writes with first hand knowledge of the places and people.
He has sailed in small goats and large, and crewed on several boats. His notes on sailing come from direct experience as well as extensive reading.
He has taught and worked with children of all ages. One of his passions is helping children to bend their will without breaking the spirit.
He currently lives and writes in Crestwood, Kentucky.
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