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Deadly Charms: Seduction, Elder Abuse, and Death in San Diego
Nov. 24, 2021
Skip Press
Non-fiction: True crime
Robert Rau was a San Diego multi-millionaire in his 80s. After losing his wife of many years, he was seduced by a scheming beauty in her early 60s named Francine Coppola. Francine added the first name Sofia to give the impression she was related to the famous filmmaker. Disgraced beauty queen Carrie Prejean is her daughter. In under a year, Rau was seduced by Coppola, married to her while in the hospital, and she quickly estranged him from his family. Coppola walked away with millions and may have killed her fifth husband to try to get all his money, only to be stopped by the Rau family in court.
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Written with Laura Rau, the daughter of the late millionaire and lead plaintiff for Bob Rau's estranged family in the lawsuit against Francine Coppola.
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