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It's Not Rocket Science
Feb. 24, 2022
Irving Brittle Jr.
Non-fiction: Religion/Spirituality
The book, a treatise on the writings of St. Paul is a brief and concise look at the apostle’s life, and mainly his beliefs concerning the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how he arrived at his theology of Christ after his Damascus Road experience. For readers familiar with, and those unfamiliar with Paul’s theology, it is a brief yet somehow complete look at his message as presented to his fellow Jews and Gentiles in his time. Paul was the right man at the right time, and was the foremost missionary and apostle to deliver the Gospel of Christ in Europe, Asia, and the countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea.
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Irving L. Brittle Jr. has been engaged in bringing the remarkable life of St. Paul the Apostle and his theology to light to his new converts in his era and more importantly in our modern time. The research has been an ongoing effort for over eight years. His first book, “St. Paul the Apostle: The Right Man at the Right Time” led to the writing of the second book, “It’s Not Rocket Science: The Theology of St. Paul.” “The Right Man . . . . is more a brief but thorough look at St. Paul the man: his early life, life as a Pharisee, his conversion, and all the missions throughout the Roman Empire.
“Rocket Science” is also written from a ‘laymen’s point of view’ and is simple to understand. In Kat Kennedy’s US Review of Books from 9/24/2020 she wrote that “Paul’s thoughts can be described as historical, functional, and dynamic.”
“Brittle’s treatise on the writings of Paul is a brief and concise look at the apostle’s life and beliefs. Though a quick read, it holds a depth of information with accompanying Bible verses and references to enhance one’s understanding of the apostle’s view. For those who are unfamiliar with the writings of Paul, this is a good introductory volume. For readers familiar with Paul’s ministry, it offers a concise work in which to reflect upon his theology. The Brittle writes in an easily understandable style and dissects the many theological aspects of Paul’s life and work in a succinct and accessible manner, giving a thorough overview of his subject.”

Brittle performed in-depth research for various industrial industries providing information for various applications where industrial oils, lubricants, and synthetic lubricants were involved. He was associated with Shell Oil, Brad-Penn Oil (Pennsylvania), Texas Refinery, and D. A. Lubricants (Indianapolis, In.)

Brittle wrote for his college newspaper, The VMI Cadet, and won a New York Times award for his articles.

Brittle had the opportunity to be interviewed for a television broadcast concerning his first and second books at Preach The Word Worldwide Network based in Atlanta, Georgia.

Irving and his wife Sue have been married for thirty-three years and are parents of one daughter, Ashton. Irving and Sue live in Clermont, Florida with their daughter and Grandson, Ryder. Brittle stays active in his local church is Clermont, Florida in his mission to supply food for those in the community in need.
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